Love Map

Reality is “a continuing, spontaneous enterprise of the imagination”


What would constitute a satisfactory account of human life in human terms?

There is the perception of experience and the articulation of experience.

This articulation may be analytic (scientific, philosophic) or synthetic (poetic, religious). Different realities seek different types of explanations; different “Truths”.

My interest is the cultural and temporal paradigms that give rise to our viewpoint; the type of explanation that man seeks, and has sought. The dialectic between the absolute and the relative, the fixed and the unstable. Where is the line between creativity; openness to change and other points of view, and chaos and madness, lack of structure?

We can only perceive relationships and patterns of relationships, yet this central, fundamental fact about the nature of our knowledge seems difficult, nigh impossible for human beings to keep in mind. We want the “right answer” and we want that answer to fall within our own perception. This is no small matter: we go to war, kill and torture because of it (or because of a belief in the Absolute Right of power).

We seek not only explanation, but also meaning; meaning drawn from the significance of the patterns we perceive.

Stendhal wrote that he world of a person in love is transformed and thus his behaviour is incomprehensible to an outside spectator. Dorothy Tennor defines this altered state as Limerence and has created a hypothesis about it. Anthropologists, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, philosophers and writers also speculate about love. Love is an underlying, shared experience of human life across cultures and across history. As such it represents an interesting subject to explore the nature of explanation itself.

My project is a poetic, interactive exploration of the nature of love and the nature of knowing.

Since it is the relationship and connection between ideas that interest me, an interactive form seems the most appropriate; at least a part of the study needs to be Web connected.

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