Reality, Perception and Expression

An on-going project about the nature of reality and my art. I perceive it as a continual conversation between myself and the world, a continual discovery which can never be fixed:

We are at one time the creation of, and reflectors of the world; through our perceptual systems we gather selective information to ourselves about the ‘physical world’ around us, it is from this information that we build our ‘experience’, our ‘understanding’, our preferences and our ‘character’. It is from our past experience that we judge new ones and these determine how we react to the new experiences, which, in turn, are added to ourselves and will help determine our future decisions and reactions. Thus we are continually changing, creating our human image of the world; which creation is based on what we have gathered from the world. The mind is like a sticky surface, naturally more sticky to some things than others and as we collect so its sticky tendencies shift and change: according to what it has already collected depends what it will be likely to collect later. 

– From my book ‘DYNAMIC PROCESS’

The first project was my book ‘NUANCES’ which combined quotations with digital imagers that mix photography with painting:

“A landscape constructed from momentary glimpses, grafted on to fragments of memory; pieces of a whole from which we are separated by time and perspective. The camera pastry–cuts a rectangle from its seamlessness and analyses it into a grid of numbers. The unique moment of choice engraved in the memory of silver salts is replaced by the dynamic potential of the pixel; a tool for the considered hesitancy of a Cezanne: “is this what I saw, and at what moment ?” We record a pattern of numbers; open to translation through process: screen, printer, paper; each offering its own particular interpretation. We may, perhaps, slip through a breath of time; glimpse the divine, by entering deeper into this mystery of the moment, heightening our awareness, grasping change and changelessness across the nuance of nature, time, vision and memory.”

The theme is also to be found in my book ‘THE DRAWING MASTER’

”..In 1728 William Chelsdon, an English Surgeon, removed the Cataracts from the eyes of a thirteen–year–old boy born blind. Despite his high intelligence and youth, the boy encountered profound difficulties with the simplest visual perceptions. He had no idea of distance. He had no idea of space or size. And he was bizarrely confused by drawing and paintings, by the idea of a two–dimensional representation of reality.”

Approximations: The skein of the intellect thrown across the world, drawing it into form: fragile exercise in speculation, almost as abstract as mathematics: a tentative hypothesis on what the world might be in its wholeness. Meditation between object and sensation – pure light, electric sensation taking form somewhere in the darkness of the head. Shifting patterns ruled into structures and significance through the structure of neurones the filter of memory. At this point, between everything and nothing: between empty formula and chaos – between language and a meaningless babble of random noise I approach this act of drawing.

Time Storm

Time Storm





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