“I begin here with nothing and everything, trying to use language to go beyond language. This desire to go beyond this limitation to reach the eternal. The need to express this longing; this desire for transcendence: the nature of existence as separation and attachment. The dialectical necessity of form to absolute, of man to God. To gather these specific perceptions from time and space and to give them an expressive form that will carry them beyond this I, and bear witness to the eternal Truth, forever gained and lost. To touch with the vibration of the spirit, this is Art.

Desire and longing; to touch another beyond the limitation of self and human weakness: to vibrate to a harmony of that eternal. Not to be consumed by passion but, like the phoenix, to arise transubstantiated by the flame. This is Love. 

I, writing this now: You, reading this then: your mind already making decisions. What category of writing does it fall into? What intellectual discipline? What tradition of thought? Do you relate to it? Does it fit into your value systems? Is it worth your time?

Scanning on your screen, searching for keywords – some sort of pseudo religious blah- blah? Boring! Click and you are elsewhere… “

From my book ‘Dynamic Process’

Original Ideas, words and Images