Icarus Free
My Icarus symbolizes the condition of the artist. The weakness woven into the changing flesh will not allow us the perspective of gods, yet the ounce of golden fluid poured into our making pulls us ever upward with longing. We find ourselves caught between two conditions; the innocence of animals and the absolute form of angels. Earthbound we aspire to fly. It is the aspiration, that makes man occasionally noble. Icarus represents enthusiasm and originality and potential. The excitement of creativity. Icarus died flying; ignoring his father’s admonitions, exultation and lack of caution sent him too high, where the rarefied atmosphere would not support his weight and the wax of his humanity melted, plunging him to oblivion. Yet it is Icarus, not his father, Dedaelus, which we celebrate. His father flew and survived to shed tears for his son’s wasted life. Our new technology represents both danger and possibility: Icarus also reminds me of the lesson we must learn to harness the potential without burning or drowning

ANLAGEN: my education bog

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